Social Media Policy

MIRARTH Holdings, Inc. (hereinafter, the “Company”) will adhere to this Policy when using social media.

1. Definitions
“Social media” means media that enable a large number of unspecified users to communicate with each other, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
2. Social Media Use and Purpose of Policy Creation
The Company views social media as a powerful tool for strengthening relationships with various stakeholders and intends to utilize it correctly. The Company has developed this Social Media Policy as a guideline for this purpose.
3. Awareness and Responsibility for Posting and Response on Social Media
The Company posts information to social media with the awareness that said information will be accessible by an unspecified number of users from all backgrounds and situations, and that the information cannot be completely deleted once it is posted. The Company recognizes that the dissemination of information and responses conducted by each employee has no small impact on the world, and takes care to avoid any misunderstandings.
4. Promoting Communications through Appropriate Sharing of Information
The Company maintains the stance of listening to opinions, including those of stakeholders.
The Company is conscious of the fact that strengthening ties with stakeholders through communications will help resolve stakeholders’ issues as well as make a significant contribution to improving the brand of MIRARTH Holdings, Inc.
The Company will strive to enhance the value of each employee through experience and share what the Company learns widely, both internally and externally, to contribute to the growth of as many individuals and communities as possible.
5. Compliance with Internal and External Regulations and Rules
In addition to complying with laws and regulations, the MIRARTH Holdings, Inc. Code of Conduct and the rules established by each company of MIRARTH Holdings Group, each employee of the Company will be accountable for its behavior and use social media as a sensible member of society.
6. Use of Social Media
With respect to employees’ business and personal use of social media, guidelines (Basic Information Security Policy, Privacy Policy)separate from this Policy have been established
7. Information and Requests to Customers and Users
Please note that not all of the information transmitted by employees of the Group and its Corporate Group Information on social media necessarily represents the official announcements and views of the Group. Please be aware of this. Official announcements are made on our website and in press releases.
8. Inquiries About Social Media Policy
For inquiries regarding the Company’s use of social media, please contact the Company here.

October 1, 2022