Renewal Resale Business

Acknowledging the needs of used condominiums in areas with high convenience and location value, Takara Leben actively purchases currently tenanted properties including ownership change properties. Takara Leben operates the renewal resale business by renovating such properties once their tenants leave, and selling them. While this procedure maximizes the appeal of property, it also allows the company to play an important role in revitalizing the housing distribution market through its supply of quality used condominiums.

Le Art

In addition to the purchase and resale of individual dwelling units, we have also developed Le Art, a brand for renovating entire buildings to create a new value under a concept of four Rs: Refresh, Reborn, Relax, and Reliance. We make the most of our knowledge and skills in design and plan proposals cultivated through the newly built condominium business, to meet different values of our customers.

Mirarth Holdings Group’s other purchase and resale projects